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Saving Grace ! or Saving Face ?

Chilliwack -    On the evening of October 11, 2011 the Chilliwack RCMP attended the 5900 Blk of Vedder Road, after a 911 call was received from the Grace Arbor Strata Council.   The RCMP were informed that Mr. Hackett the Strata Manager and Mr. Hensman owner of Teamwork Property Management were trespassing.    According to strata council, Teamwork Property Management had been fired by the owners at a SGM held October 7.

      The allegations are that Mr. Hensman and Hackett had formed a coup with a few disgruntled owners who supported Teamwork Property Management.   It was like watching a bad movie said one owner when they observed Hensman banging on owners doors and informing them there was a meeting that night, and that the current strata council was not legal.  This entire affair with Hensman was nothing more than bullying and unprofessional in my opinion stated the Strata Council President.    The Lawyer representing Grace Arbor Strata Council wrote: “instead of accepting the numerous directions that you received from Strata Council and the decision to terminate your services, you flagrantly attended the clients property on October 11, and purported to proceed with a special general meeting that you ( Hensman ) had orchestrated without authorization.    You ignored the presence of the police who were called to escort you from the property. You (Hensman) employed guerilla tactics in rounding up (on what is a unknown pretence) a bare minimum of people to conduct the SGM which you held inside one of the owner’s residence.  Read Letter

      It is also alleged that at this "Hensman held SGM" the owners in attendance passed a bylaw that would allow any one owner to only hold a maximum of two proxies’.    Seven months later, it was reported that Hensman sold Teamwork Property Management and returned his license to RECBC.    The concerns at this time are: it has now been three years since this fiasco and according to a RECBC spokes person their investigation is ongoing.   What brings this story to light again is that at a recent Strata Corporation AGM in Langley, Mr. Hackett was questioned about the Teamwork Property Management rating and disciplines on the Stratawatch website.    According to the informant, Mr. Hackett stated the owner of Stratawatch was a former disgruntled employee of Teamwork Property Management.    Of which we reply Rubbish another deceptive tactic, but typical of the manner in which Teamwork PM conducts its self, as they say, " more things change the more they remain the same."

In the upcoming year 2015, Stratawatch will be focusing on the best Strata Management Companies.  We will also be working on a award program for Strata Managers and Management Companies who have gone above and beyond the requirements of RECBC.

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