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     The "Stratawatch Toolbox" provides tool's of knowledge for strata council's and owners with suggestions on how to cope with Strata Management Companies (SMC) who are operating on a different "Agenda" than what your Strata Corporation has legal responsibilities to do.

     Strata Managers aka "Agents" are not salaried "employees", many are "contractors" and can be replaced at a moments notice.  The legal title as licensed by the Real Estate Council of BC is "Representative" not "Agent".  The industry also refers to them as Strata Managers.  Strata Managers take direction from your Strata Council, they do not give direction.  A Strata Manager does not have the authority to make any decisions on his/her own and Strata Managers are paid by commission based on the number of doors they manage, the average strata manager commission ranges between 35 - 40% of the SMC fee.
   It is not uncommon for strata managers and or Strata Management Company‚Äôs to receive commissions on renovation loans they were asked to provide to a Strata Corporation.  In a recent report to Stratawatch, the SMC received $15,000.00 for arranging a loan for a roof replacement, and then a further fee for project management.

     It is also well known commisions (aka kickbacks) are paid to some SMC's from vendors, whether it be a lawn maintenance company or a roofing contractor.  To the best of our knowledge these commisions are to be disclosed to your Strata Council, but in many cases are not.  One of the biggest concern is influence peddling, the first sign of this is when a contract goes out for tender and a owner wishes to view the contract quotation's or estimates and is stonewalled by the SMC's, this is something your strata council should consider in hiring any management company.  Is the SMC fully transparent in all dealings.  Profit is not a dirty word, the SMC is in business to make money, but not all SMC's are transparent.

Strata Management Hiring Suggestions:

     Over the years we have had many communications with the following organizations of which many Strata Management Companies belong to and use their ratings or memberships for qualifications and references.  Please click on the links to view our investigations of these associations.

Suggested Reading:

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